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link group group provides facilitation, training, coaching, partnering and dispute resolution services for private, public and non-profit sector clients. Our company is based in various states in Nigeria. We also have contact offices in other countries including United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Ivory Coast, West Africa.
Our team can help your organization resolve conflicts, find creative solutions, reach agreements, and manage change. We work with you to design mediation and conflict resolution processes and training programs that fit your needs. We facilitate strategic planning, problem solving, and large group meetings.
Our aim is to help people develop skills and create systems for working together constructively. We can help you improve your professional and personal relationships, increase innovation, and achieve greater productivity and job satisfaction. 

Our team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective  conflict management and organizational development solutions for governments, individuals and businesses.


Often, more than one area of expertise is required with international transactions. With our firm, there’s no need to hire a multitude of experts. We can advocate for you in many areas of corporate or individual conflicts that emanate from all manner of global interaction.

Mediation Philosophy

Link group Mediation team knows that every negotiation is unique and that there are multiple ways to solve any problem.  Over the years, we have brokered a wide variety of agreements, oftentimes in situations where the conventional wisdom was that agreement could not be reached.

Mediation Style
Our Group recognizes that an effective mediator must do more than simply carry offers back and forth between the parties if resolution is to occur.  Our wealth of experience coupled with our ability to establish rapport and share lessons learned, helps us bring the parties together and promote settlement.

We understand the value of using a diversity of approaches to dispute resolution.  Each case is different and each mediation is approached individually, because there is no "magic bullet" that works every time.  Flexibility and responsiveness are important components of our mediation practice.   While most mediations start with joint sessions followed by private caucuses, we are proficient in the use of numerous settlement techniques and alternative formats.


We have special expertise in the following areas:


Business dissolutions and split ups.

Fund/Debt  Recovery.


 Failed transactions and lost profits.

Cases requiring cultural sensitivity.

Land Matters.

Employment cases.

 Professional liability.  

 Employee  disputes.

Estate, probate and guardianship matters.

General Contracts.

Insurance bad faith claims and coverage issues.

Cases involving multiple parties.

Cases with tax implication.



link group will assess the readiness of your organization to adopt new technology, restructure the organization or help with relocation, just to name a few. We will work collaboratively with you to successfully plan and implement workplace changes. 


Coaching services are available to leaders who want to enhance their effectiveness in their current role and engage employees to reach their highest levels of performance


A variety of options are available for improving team effectiveness, including but not limited to, defining a team and identifying key competencies and behaviors. We support teams in improving work relationships, communications and team deliverables


services are available for large or small group meetings to guide a group through their agenda, ensure active participation, and work through challenging topics. We can also provide workshops on effective meeting facilitation.


Assessments can be done on an individual or organizational basis using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC, Hogan Assessments and Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI).


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            SCAM ALERT​​​​​​​​​

             SCAM ALERT CONTD.
Link group is neither a law enforcement agency nor a law firm. However, we have in the course of our services to our clients, identified and ended attempts by some locals to  defraud unwary foreign businesses and individuals seeking to do business in West Africa.

Because we are on ground, we are able to schedule face to face meetings in the negotiation process. This approach has been helpful in distinguishing between genuine businesses from internet scams.

It is an illusion for anyone to believe that it is impossible to fall victim to fraud. Conventional wisdom recommends that we be on guard always, as scammers everywhere are incredibly deceptive and can ensnare even the most intelligent ones among us.

They operate with guile and strike when you least expect. The most educated with their highest net worth, as well as the most impoverished members of the society have been victims of scam at one time or the other. The young as well as the aged are also targets. Scammers don't care who their victims are. They strike wherever, and whenever there is a chance at success. They are very alert, setting traps to ensnare their victims. On the internet, through the telephone and even physical interaction, they stalk the rest of us like the deadly predators that they are.

But the way to prevent becoming a prey is to be conscious of their modus- operandi  and the different shades of scam (even though scammers are ever ingenious as new schemes emerge almost on daily basis). Their objective is simple; to steal your money, not through violent means as in armed robbery, but through the deployment of bags of tricks that appeal to the human emotion. The quintessential scammer is a confidence artist who exploits the emotions of dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, naivety, greed etc, to fleece their victim.

Working on these emotions, several genres of scams have emerged. There is the classical  scam where scammers obtain money from their victims by false pretense. There is also the love or marriage scam, where fraudster use the promise of wedlock as a bait to fleece their victims. There is the lottery scam; where people are asked to pay fees to redeem prizes supposedly won in a sweep stake. There is the inheritance scam, and much more.
To a considerable extent, most scams are promoted by the greed and or genuine reasonable expectations of victims. For instance, a person who has not entered for a lottery ought not to expect to win, yet people, out of greed, believe they can be winners in contests that they have not participated in.

Some tips are helpful to avoiding scams.

· Do not give out information about yourself to anyone that you do not know or trust.

· Never respond to any mail, except when you are sure of the source.

· Be very circumspect about stories told by strangers and supposed lovers in an internet affair.

· Above all, do not send money or disclose your banking information to any one you do not know or trust.

· Do not part with your money until you are certain that the business is genuine.

· Do not be a party to any transaction that seems dubious or one that you are unable to discuss with your associates or family.

· Any transaction clothed in secrecy is a freeway to financial ruin.​​

Negotiating the best possible deals requires effective communication in language and values of the other side.

We pride our firm in the art of deal making and we have helped companies close the gaps in effective local communication. We provide neutral venues and platforms  with maximum personnel services. We assist in many other ways to ensure that your company is not ripped off. We give effect to arbitration clauses in agreements and also mediate business conflicts. 


​​                                   ​

Link Group mission is to bring people together to find lasting and effective solutions to conflict.​

Our Vision is to be the primary resource for creating opportunity from conflict, and where repairing harm is valued over punishment.

Our services are based on a core belief that individuals of all ages and backgrounds are capable of resolving their own disputes – effectively, inexpensively, and peacefully – with assistance from trained  mediators. we provides companies and individuals with the tools to peacefully and effectively resolve disputes.

We are dedicated to providing dispute resolution services and training to all. We focus on serving those for whom traditional services have not worked in the past because they did not address underlying issues or were not culturally appropriate. Mediation used earlier in the dispute process can prevent unnecessary expenses.

Our Core Values  guide our operations and our work for our clients.​

We value self-determination and respect for all participants in conflict. We believe people have the inherent ability to come up with their own solutions.

We value creativity, ingenuity, innovation, being progressive and open to change.

We recognize that conflict is inherent and we value the process of resolution as well as the end result.

We believe addressing conflict makes relationships better.

We value consensus, transparency, all voices being heard, face-to-face communication, respect for multiple perspectives, conversation, discussion, dialogue and listening.

We value addressing corporate and interpersonal problems and providing fully accessible services.

We value accountability, quality and excellence in the services we provide and in the training and ongoing development of our staff.

We believe in education, modeling our values (e.g., how to “do” conflict), and the ability for anyone to learn skills to improve their lives.

we are committed to enhancing safety, stability, and civility within the companies or for individuals that we serve

We accepts requests from the individuals, community groups, schools and businesses for dispute resolution services including mediation, arbitration, large group facilitation, and conflict consulting. We accept court-mandated mediation services.

We offers comprehensive training and consultation to individuals and organizations in many areas including: mediation, communication skills, dealing with difficult people, courageous conversations, conflict resolution 

Link group works to broaden the reach and accessibility of mediation arbitration and other conflict resolution tools.