Link group partners and associates are a multidisciplinary group of dispute resolution and communication experts. Our goal is to foster productive relationships among people and groups with shared interests. We work closely with clients to recognize their challenges and future needs in order to develop lasting solutions.


Our team of professionals at link group  can also assist your organization in structuring executive development programs that guarantee competitiveness in contemporary business world. Executive development is the whole of activities aimed at developing the skills and competencies of those that (will) have executive positions in organisations. While "executive" and "manager" and "leader" are often used interchangeably, "executive" is commonly used to signify the top 5% to 10% of the organization. Similarly, "development" and "training" and "education" are often used as synonyms, however "development" is generally seen as the more encompassing of the three in terms of activities that build skills and competencies.
While it is typical to find organizations that have dedicated corporate training & development people and processes, it is not always the case that an organization will have a dedicated executive development set of activities. In some organizations (typically large multi-nationals), there is a separate executive development team, in other organizations executive development is handled as one of many activities by the larger corporate training group, and in yet other scenarios there is no executive development activity to speak of.
In contrast to other corporate training & development activities, which have as their core purpose to build tactical skills for employees, executive development plays a different role for the organization. Indeed some executive development is conducted for the purpose of building tactical skills (sometimes referred to as "hard skills" such as business fundamentals- finance, marketing, operations and also "soft skills" such as communication and team building), yet executive development is also used to evaluate future potential future executives as well as a mechanism for the CEO and the executive team to cascade their strategies, goals, and even elements of the culture to the rest of the management team and ultimately the organization. In the best of cases, executive development not only helps an organization execute its key strategies, it can also help provide input to the strategy creation process. In this way, executive development is much more strategic than typical corporate training & development which is used for most employees of an organization


Organizational development (OD) encompasses

actions involved with applying the study of behavioral science to organizational change. It covers a wide array of theories, processes, and activities, all of which are oriented toward the goal of improving individual organizations. Generally speaking, however, OD differs from traditional organizational change techniques in that it typically embraces a more holistic approach that is aimed at transforming thought and behavior throughout an enterprise. Definitions of OD abound, but they are all predicated on the notion of improving organizational performance through proactive techniques and activities. It is also worth noting that organizational development, though concerned with improving workforce performance, should not be mistaken for human resource development. Organization development is the planned process of developing an organization to be more effective in accomplishing its desired goals. It is distinguished from human resource development in that HRD focuses on the personal growth of individuals within organizations, while OD focuses on developing the structures, systems, and processes within the organization to improve organizational effectiveness.


At link group, our experts have added the cultures and applicable local laws to our traaining models in organizational change management. our model entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with, and involvement of the people affected by the changes.

If you force change on people,normally, problems arise. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable . These aspects are especially relevant to managing personal change. Before starting organizational change, ask yourself;what do we want to acheive with this change, why and how will we know that the change has been achieved? Who is affected by this change, and how will they react to it? How much of this change can we achieve ourselves and what part of the change do we need help with? These aspects also relate strongly to the management of personal as well as organizational change. We at link group will help you achieve the desired change that you need in your organization. We handle change management in relationship to the culture and laws, not only of the host country, but also the immediate communities where your organization does business.

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Are you an experienced dispute resolution and conflict management  professional resident in West Africa. Do you have excellent communication skills in either English or french language? Do you want to be part of an expanding network of experts in your field? You can indicate your interest by visiting our contact page and sending your resume to us.

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We serve a wide range of clientele and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth of our expertise. We use our vast network systems to ensure quick delivery of our services globally.



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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The group's core strategy is based on a partnership concept through which professionals in negotiation,arbitration, mediation and organizational development within our network are retained to deal with specific situations whenever our services are engaged.

Depending on location and need, link group is able to meet the conflict resolution needs of our clients across all fields of public and private commercial enterprise.

​We have ADR expertise in all traditional commercial subjects and have extended specialization into  trends and emerging technologies.


Link group has an assemblage of renowned Negotiators within our network. From world class business deal makers to law enforcement hostage and crisis negotiators, we are always prepared to meet your needs when it matters most.
 Recent developments in some part of West Africa have necessitated a new approach to crisis negotiation in that part of the world. A good negotiator is one who fully understands the whole nature and content of every opposing interest and is able to apply result oriented strategies to his model. At link group, we avoid the usual one-size-fits all approach to Negotiation. Our experts understand the dynamics that are constantly in play and are able to secure the best outcomes for our growing clientele.


We maintain at all times, a network of Highly skilled professionals with enviable track record of success in arbitration. Our experts will identify the core subject matter of arbitration and will assign arbitrator/s most competent in that field.

Arbitration is a proceeding in which a dispute is resolved by an impartial adjudicator whose decision the parties to the dispute have agreed, or legislation has decreed,will be final and binding. There are limited rights of review and appeal of arbitration awards.

​Arbitration can be either voluntary or mandatory (although mandatory arbitration can only come from a statute or from a contract that is voluntarily entered into, where the parties agree to hold all existing or future disputes to arbitration, without necessarily knowing, specifically, what disputes will ever occur) and can be either binding or non-binding. Non-binding arbitration is similar to mediation in that a decision cannot be imposed on the parties. However, the principal distinction is that whereas a mediator will try to help the parties find a middle ground on which to compromise, the (non-binding) arbitrator remains totally removed from the settlement process and will only give a determination of liability and, if appropriate, an indication of the quantum of damages payable. By one definition arbitration is binding and non-binding arbitration is therefore technically not arbitration.


Link group has been in the forefront of Alternative Dispute Resolution Developments in West Africa. We have partnered with numerous organizations in providing training and workshops in Mediation and concilation in numerous countries of Africa. Presently, We are in the process of partnering with academic institutions in crisis prone regions, to make mediation a part of their academic curriculum.  

On a different level,We offer mediation services across all fields of local and international commercial endeavor. Our personnel are extensively involved in court ordered mediation in some parts of west Africa.

We have in the past suggested, and have mediated business conflicts for various companies doing business in West Africa. We have provided mediated agreements to disputes that would have ended in expensive litigation.



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